Sunday 24 February 2013

Stephanie Ng - Halo Light

The Halo Light by Stephanie Ng is a modular lighting system that can be hung in many different arrangements. These arrangements can be linear or circular, complimenting the specific interior environment that its in. 

Stephanie's sketches

Initially Stephanie's design was implementing the process of Silicone moulding. After some time in Solidworks a 3D form was finalized ready for the next stage. Next the 3D form had to be printed out via a 3D printer and then was sanded and sealed. This pattern was made to act as the form to create the outer negative Silicone form. Which then would form the Polyurethane resin final.

Silicone Moulding process

The next phase of the design process directed the design down a new path with another process that could achieve the same form desired at lower costs. Metal spinning uses a blank sheet of Aluminium in this case, and then formed over the pattern with spinning rollers that gradually mould the spinning Aluminium sheet over the pattern.  The final spun Aluminium form was powder coated with a dry powder that can be either a thermo plastic or thermoset plastic which is applied electrostatically and then cured to form a durable tough protective layer.

Final Aluminium spun housing

Another key design hurdle was that when each light was hung from the ceiling in a module formation, the cut outs on the housing didn't meet up exactly. To eliminate this problem magnets were used as locating mechanisms which helped hold the over all form of the modular lighting system together.

The design is versatile with each individual light having a cut out to allow the next light housing to slip into place. 

Linear formation - Each light nests next to each other

Circular formation

And to top it off, Stephanie's Halo Light won best Concept Award in the Edge segment at the 2013 Australian International Furniture Fair.

Stephanie is currently refining the design for manufacture and going into production in the near future. If you have any queries about the Halo light please follow this link to Stephanie's Website.

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