Friday 1 February 2013

Amass Workshop - Progress update

So over the past couple of weeks a lot has been done on the workshop. We drew a template on the floor of the workshop and used that to make each roof truss exactly the same and to ensure strength and durability! The roof truss work were later attached to the wall top plates, ready to support the corrugated sheet metal. In the middle of the roof we put in one sheet either side of corrugated Polycarbonate with a tint to allow the natural light to come in. We put foam tape underneath each screw, this will stop expansion and contraction creeping noise that occurs. The workshop will be insulated to keep it bearable in summer and winter months. 

I made up the window jams to suit, primed them after routering out a rebate for the glass to sit in and then gave them one coat of Dulux weathershield (also self priming, 100% Acrylic paint) Patina colour. Which is a greeny blue colour. All the window jams and door jam are made from 'Design Pine' which is treated and primed aswell. I've made sure that these window and door jams are properly sealed from the elements to ensure no rot for decades to come! Also the great thing about 'Design Pine' is that they use short pieces of Pine stock and finger joint them, this reduces the movement and twisting in the length of the timber and adds strength.

Ok so that is a brief low down on the workshop for now! Enjoy!

The workshop with not cladding or roofing!

The batons necessary to support the corrugated sheet and to connect each truss frame

The truss were spaced out every 600mm. Overhang was 200mm over wall top plate

We used gangplates and nails to connect each component

Heritage red Colourbond roof, Polycarbonate, gutters!

We opted for Baltic Pine 170mm wide weatherboards

Window jams are overhang 30mm to butt up against the weatherboards.

Keep posted for the next update. By then we should have finished the weatherboards and sealed the ends of the roof along with everything else that needs to be done!

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