Sunday 3 February 2013

Amass Workshop - Progress Update 2

So over the weekend the rest of the weatherboards went up on to the workshop. There was a bit of fiddling around with some particular weatherboards according to the existing gutter on the brick garage next to it. We installed the door jam and made sure it was parallel and square ready for a custom made door to fit. The height of the door is standard at 2040mm high, yet I decided that the door had to be wider to accommodate machinery and timber being moved in and out on a constant basis.

The weatherboards will now need a rough sand down and another coat of paint. Also the side opening of the workshop will have to hinged doors to allow timber and other stuff to be stored on the cord component of the truss work.

The other side opening of the workshop which faces the house will be covered with Polycarbonate sheet to allow light in.

There is still plenty to do!


One of the last Baltic Pine Weatherboards to go up!

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It is looking really good now!

Peace out! More progress shots coming soon!

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