Saturday 9 February 2013

Australian International Furniture Fair 2013

The 6th - 8th of February at the Sydney Exhibition centre, Darling harbour. The Furniture fair to kick start the year 2013 showed new ideas, designs and styles. 

The Edge design exhibit. Which is open to students and commercial sectors held a wide variety of young and established designers.

 The finalists for the exhibit were picked to showcase their work. Here they are listed!

Finalists for 2013

Adam Lynch & Dale Hardiman // Desk Light - Mr Dowel Jones

Alessandro Frangelli // Lidcombe College of TAFE
Apto Table - Student

Alex Brown // RMIT
Puppet Light - Student

Alex O'Connell // RMIT
Quasi Stool - Student

Alisa Newey // Qld College of Art
Emerge Display Screen - Student

Andre Hnatojko // HNAK
Son - Concept

Ash Allen // RMIT
Lionheart Stool & Dollop Light - Commercial

Asher Abergel & Gal Benarav // Asher Abergel
Cork Connection - Concept

Ben Brayshaw // RMIT
Clam Chair - Student

Callum Campbell // Central Institute of Technology
Float Shelving & Holiday Table - Student

Calvin Su // Lidcombe College of TAFE
Span Bench Seat & Twist Table - Student

Camille Sahid // Lidcombe College of TAFE
The Paperclip Desk - Student

Carina Li-Lin Vincent // Central Institute of Technology
Loopy Boy Lamp - Student

Christelle Chane Tho Wor // Central Institute of Technology
Crinoline Light - Student

Christopher Macaluso // EggPicnic
Andes Lamp - Concept

Craig Birkholtz
// Central Institute of Technology
Stick Lamp - Student

Dana Burns Watson // Lidcombe College of TAFE
Slumber House Bedside Light - Student

Deepa Rao // RMIT
Tri Book Shelf - Student

Demelza Nussio // UNISA
Burdhaus & Letahaus - Student

Edward Linacre // Edward Linacre Design
Cypress Pendant Lamp & Topaz Pendant Light - Concept

Faezeh Bassam // Lidcombe College of TAFE
Glissade Light - Student

Jack Flanagan // Central Institute of Technology
Squeeze Clock & Ditto Tables - Student

Jack Frost // Jack Frost Design
Sevente Desk Light - Student

James Lauman & Jordan Soriot // UTS
SOCIOlantern - Student

Jayney Smith // Central Institute of Technology
Wanderlust Lighting - Student

Jaz Wood // RMIT
Perch - Student

Joshua Bourke // RMIT
SBR 1419 Chair & Ottoman - Student

Lenny Hanniford // Lennylovesloulou
Lola Lamp - Commercial

Mart Hough // RMIT
Deer Stool & Syntax Timepiece - Student

Nicholas Sadowsky // UTS
E-ColourWave Magazine Rack & FP3 Stool - Student

Nico Evans // Lab De Stu
Czech Hedgehog - Commercial

Selene Hemala // Central Institute of Technology
The Slim Lamp for Shy Corners - Student

Sholto Hayes // Lidcombe College of TAFE
Tear Drop Table - Student

Stephanie Ng Hui Sien //
HALO Light - Concept

Toby Nowland //
Fold & Peg Stool - Student

Tom Askham // University of SA
Task Lamp - Student

Viktor Legin // Viktor Legin Design
TLS Desk Lamp & Droplet lamp - Concept

Vivien Rink // Vivien Rink
MIA Chair and Stool - Commercial

Yulia Holil // Central Institute of Technology
Stack O'Clock - Student

Edge Awards

So down to the real deal. Who won the top awards at this years Edge?

Commercial Award: Ashley Allen - Dollop Light

Student Award: Ben Brayshaw - Clam Chair

Concept Award: Stephanie Ng Hui Sien - Halo Light

Green Award: Toby Nowland - Fold and Peg Stool



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