Monday 11 February 2013

Ashley Allen - Dollop Light

Dollop Light
Ashley Allen


Ashley's Dollop light won the Commercial Award at the Edge, Australian International Furniture Fair in Sydney, 6th of February, 2013. Congratulations Ash!

The process of this light is the most interesting part of this light. Not just the final product that is pictured above. 

Ashley outlined his process from start to finish on this particular project. There are a lot of different types of techniques throughout the design and manufacture that combine to make this light. First off the design as any design blossomed on a piece of paper and then eventually transverse to Autocad where a 3D model was constructed to ensure a centre of gravity in the lights curvacious form.  Next the final 3D form was rapid prototyped in 2 halves by which was glued together and then primed and sanded. 

Rapid prototyping - two halves to be glued and primed.

The finished rapid prototyped form now acts as the form for plaster. A two piece plaster pattern is made around the prototyped form. Earthenware slip is poured into the plaster pattern, producing a 4mm wall thickness and left to sit for 20min. The slip is then poured out and sits for 8hours allowing the material to cure and harden. 

Rapid prototype acts as a pattern for the plaster form.

Plaster form ready to go

Earthenware Slip poured to create 4mm wall

Leatherhard casting ready to be extracted from mould

Final form

The casting was then drilled at the top for the power cord, and sits for a furthermore 7days.The very fragile 'Greenware' casting is then transported to the kiln to be fired to ~1000 deg C (Bisque stage) at the Northcote Pottery Supplies. The inside was clear gloss glazed at ~1100 deg C. 

And to finish it off a 10W LED downlight is attached to 2core power lead. And a particular feature of this light is that the LED downlight can not be seen underneath as the form hides it from view.

Keep your eyes open for Ashley and his work. I have listed his website if you have any questions or queries on his work. He is based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia!


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