Monday 12 November 2012

'Three Sides to Every Coin' - Furniture Final Year Exhibition

" 'Three Sides to Every Coin' is the culmination of RMIT's final year students work in Diploma of Furniture Design & Technology throughout 2012. The works are a showcase of the talents and skills the students have acquired over the journey and demonstrates how all the angles of design have been approached and resolved and as such demonstrate the 'three sides of every design'. The works explore two major briefs given during the year, one representing an approach to a culturally influence piece and the second based on a designer-client relationship and formulating a brief to the clients specifications. Both briefs have yielded some spectacular results from the future of Australia's furniture designers/makers. "

This year is the last group students to successfully graduate from the Diploma of Furniture Design & Technology at RMIT. There will only be the Associate degree of Furniture design from now on. As they have discontinued the course. So go support these students!  

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