Wednesday 21 November 2012

Make your own Glue - Gelatine Glue

Gelatine Based Glue

Gelatine is derived from collagen a protein substance that exists in the ligaments, tendons and tissues of mammals. “Gelatin is a purified protein, derived from the selective hydrolysis of collagen”1 Most Gelatine on the shelf is used for edible purposes such as jelly desserts, marshmallows and powdered milk. 

It is produced by boiling all the tissues, ligaments and tendons of animals. But the actual process to produce gelatine powder or sheets is lengthy. 

1  )      Pretreatment

2  )      Washing

3  )      Extraction

4  )      Purification

5  )      Drying

6  )      Grinding

7  )      Blending and quality control

The purpose of using Gelatine in this glue is that it forms the binding agent for other materials. After cooling it becomes a rubber like material. It is ‘thermo glue’ in that it can be re-heated for re-application. It is water soluble and is 100% natural.

Glycerin is an organic compound derived from either plant oils or animal fats. It is used in foods to keep them sweet and moist. Its attributes are that it is odourless and does appear as a clear liquid.

 Vinegar is used to provide some sort of resistance barrier against mold and bacteria.

Recipe : Basic gelatine glue


  6          Tablespoons of Water
  4          Tablespoons of Gelatine Powder
  2          Tablespoons of White Vinegar
  2          Tablespoons of Glycerine
  2          Hand full of wood shavings

Bring the water in a pot to the boil. Turn off the heat and add the gelatine and mix until all clumps are gone. Add the white vinegar and then the glycerine and stir well. Add in Wood shavings and stir in. Allow mixture to cool.

The reason I added in wood shavings was to give the glue more rigidity and strength. I also mixed in Aluminium powder in another experiment which gave the final cured glue less elasticity and higher rigidity. For this application I am using the glue as a binding agent for the wood shavings. If you want to just use this solely as glue then don’t add in the shavings.

Powdered Gelatine, Glycerine, Aluminium Powder, White Vinegar, Wood shavings

Add in water, boil water

Turn off heat, Add Gelatine Powder

Mix in Gelatine well

Move Glue over to a Plastic tub

Here I am mixing in Wood shavings

The glue has dried, Thick  and rigid with rubber like properties.

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