Friday 16 November 2012

The furniture of "Three Sides to Every Coin"

The open night for 'Three Sides to Every Coin' was abuzz and lively. During the speeches Franklin one of the teachers at RMIT said that the title of the exhibition was a great summary of what it is to be a student or rather a designer maker. In that, sometimes you just have to take risks, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. And when a particular joinery method or cut doesn't work, we learn from it and improve on the next.

The work on display was a culmination of responses to specific design briefs that the students had to respond to. One brief I believe was a storage piece and the other was a culture inspired piece. Of course the brief's went into a lot more detail than I just did then! 

Thought I would show some pictures from the exhibition on this post! Enjoy!

 Sticks and Stones (Tasmanian Oak Dowel,Crumbed Rubber,Resin) - Ash Allen

 Franklin Table (16mm Pine Ply, CNC cut) - Ash Allen

 Franklin Table - Ash Allen

Lionheart Stool (1.6mm Expanded Steel Mesh)  - Ash Allen

Kudu (Fijian Mahogany) - Douglas Duvoisin

Luca (Concrete & Stainless Steel tube) - Douglas Duvoisin

(Bamboo Board, Steel Sheet) - Hamish Maggs

Mirror Chair (Reclaimed Messmate) - Hamish Maggs

Piano Stool (Fijian Mahogany) - Hugh Maloney

- Hugh Maloney

The SBR 1419 Chair & Ottoman (Recycled HDPE Board) - Joshua Bourke

- Joshua Bourke

- Marianne New

Gymea Day Spay Stool (Camphor) - Marianne New

Gymea Day Spay Stool - Marianne New

Rebirth (Blackwood from Kinglake, Victoria)- Mick Dierer

Walnut Sideboard - Nathan McMahon

Beech Chair (European Beech) - Nathan McMahon

- Sunbum Jin

Fan Storage - Sunbum Jin

Also this will be the last group of students to go through the Diploma of Furniture Design & Technology at RMIT. As the course has been disposed off. It is a shame, this just means more skills and jobs in manufacturing going overseas......again.

The Exhibition was held at - Off the Kerb Gallery

Very cool space to exhibit and show off your work. They are now calling for artist applications for May - August 2013. Get on Board!

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