Tuesday 6 November 2012

Product Drawing - Monash Industrial Design

How about that, one year already completed in a 4year course. Last week I officially finished University for the year and oh what a feeling it is. 

I thought... how long do I actually spend at uni? Roughly I spend about half the year at Uni. Which is not that much. So that makes sense that the time that I do spend there is mostly intense learning mixed with the combination of folios, models, research and assignments thrown in to keep the mind ticking over. 

This post I'm just going to give you a snapshot into the second part of Product drawing. This was quite intense with the use of the Wacom Cintiq's (24inch). They are great devices to enhance the visual communication that is needed for us in the industry. The pens that accompany the Cintiq are quite good, responsive and light to use. But the awkwardness of using the the two buttons (right and left click) at the end of the pen still startle me every time I sit down and use it. Maybe these actions that are completed through these interface buttons could be translated into a more natural and fluid action that the users hand can perform?

Wacom Cintiq 24inch - Image : www.engadget.com

So here is the image which is a collection of the work for the second half of semester 2. Each week we were given a different type of product to draw. Whether that was shoes, storage or exploded views, each week we had to get 5 fully rendered pages done. Quite a task, many hours were spent at uni trying to get it done before the deadline.

I realized there is a long way to go in terms of improvement in my rendering technique and shadows and highlights. But its only early days. And the fact that these Cintiq's cost a very nice sum of $2,600. I think that I will be continuing to use the Universities labs and not going out and buying one. Would be nice though...

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