Tuesday 27 November 2012

AD12 Furniture Exhibition - RMIT

Furniture will be on display from the 2012 graduates of Associate Degree in Design (Furniture). These furniture pieces show the final product of countless hours of constant design, experimentation & prototyping. 

Exhibition Information

Melbourne Central

Level 2, Lonsdale St Overpass

28th November - 3rd December

Here are some pictures of some of the furniture that will be there! 

Popper Light - Andrew Hnatojko

Perch Graffiti - Jaz Wood

The Clam Chair - Ben Brayshaw, Ben Grand and Don Abeyratne

Centre Piece - Jack Lewis and Josh Tuulakitan

Lionheart Stool - Ash Allen

Sticks and Stones - Ash Allen

 Franklin Table - Ash Allen

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