Friday 9 November 2012

Powerlab - Irregular Forms - Dale Hardiman

Dale will be at the Powerlab in Brisbane this week producing his work from Irregular forms. I previously posted a story on his exhibition in Bendigo, Victoria.  Which was on from the 24th - 30th of September. So he is backing this up in Brisbane. If your around go check his work out!

Powerlab is a series of artist residencies at Brisbane Powerhouse focusing on the development of new ideas, experimentations of form and performance work.

Powerlab supports and fosters leading creative minds in project based developments with visible outcomes.

Powerlab aims to bring energy of the sector to Brisbane Powerhouse, providing Brisbane Powerhouse with a strong connection with new art, new artists and new ideas.

Powerlab is the Brisbane version in some ways of the Abbotsford Convent, Melbourne. In that Designers and artists go there to show their process, ideas and work to the public.

The powerlab


Dale set up for Irregular forms

Some of his work!

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