Sunday 2 February 2014

Great Barrier Reef - World Heritage site - Dredging

Image Courtesy of Yahoo News

Image Courtesy of Greenpeace Australia

Image Courtesy of National Geographic -
Photograph by Anthony Johnson

So the Abbott government is really getting on my nerves now. So they want to create one of the worlds biggest coal ports. Which is such a dirty fuel and there are so many other sources of energy that the world can use. 3 million cubic metre's of dredge spoil to be dumped inside the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park! And guess who's negotiating leases for the area not only Gina Rhinehart and Clive Palmer. And the biggest company that is pushing this project is Adani - a Indian corporation! 

The Great Barrier Reef will become a highway for huge coal ships to dock and then take the coal to countries like India and China so they can burn it for fuel. Humanities greed astonishes me.


As an Australian I feel absolutely disgusted at some of the decisions that are being made. We have some time to stop this. Dredging according to Greenpeace won't start until 2015. 

Its time to protest, get off our bums and do something!

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