Friday 28 February 2014

Clean Up Australia Day - Clean Future - 2014

So this year again I have set up a cleaning site in my home suburb Burwood, Melbourne. I actually hadn't checked out the site we cleaned to see how it has gone over the year. So I jumped on my bike and had a look around the area. And well it has as much rubbish if not more that has accumulated over the past year. That's quite sad, in fact, disgusting. 

Last year we filled 3 rubbish bags and 3 recycling bags. 

I have got my hands on a sharps disposal container for syringes just in case we encounter any. That was kindly given to me by Whitehorse Community Health Services. Its always good to have one, you never know what you may find!

I know that waste to landfill needs to be cut drastically. Our council bins have been changed from from 120L to 80L. Whitehorse Council obviously knows that alot of the materials that do go in rubbish bins need to go elsewhere. Food waste + recyclables can be found in most rubbish bins.

Interesting information for Whitehorse Council Households :  

The disposal of almost 31,000 tonnes of rubbish that currently comes from household bins cost the Whitehorse community $3.8M in 2012/13 for landfill disposal. $2.2 million of the total landfill disposal costs is attributable to the state government landfill levy and the carbon tax.

Below is the Clean Up Australia site link. You don't have to sign up to the site. You can contact me directly if its easier. Happy cleaning everyone! 

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