Tuesday 25 February 2014

Free Is Better

The Idea

This idea will blow your mind. In Australia and around the world water (essentially a free commodity/resource) is bottled up in a plastic bottle.  And is sent to shops to be sold for an obscene profit. A 600ml bottle of Mount Franklin water is being sold at the moment for $4 or more. The reason these companies do so well is because humans love convenience. I will admit I love it too in certain situations. I carry a stainless steel bottle with me everywhere and fill up at any tap for free. Thus reducing plastic waste and saving money!

This is the next best option. 'Free Is Better' is a company that wants to create a movement and a statement by giving free water to you. 

The water comes from the McPherson ranges in Southern Queensland. It is filtered after collection just to make sure that it is pure H20.

The Science

The plastic bottle packaging that is used is Oxo-Bio-degradable Plastic, developed by EPI. This material comes in conventional thermoplastics such as PP (Polypropylene), PS (Polystyrene), PE (Polyethylene), PET (Polyethyleneterephtalate) or PVC (Polyvinyl-chloride). These plastics are said to break down into fragments as a result of chemical oxidation caused by UV light and heat exposure.  These plastics are compatible with conventional recycling streams. And where possible should be put back into the recycling loop to help produce another product and to avoid the use of virgin plastic. 

The Conclusion

Get your hands on this water! Word on the street is that this product will be shown to Australia on 'The Project' on channel 10 tomorrow night. So check it out. This initiative is a great step towards providing everyone with water which doesn't cost more than petrol. So I wonder whats next? Free food?  

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