Friday 24 January 2014

Laundry Renovation

So after the workshop was completed. It was time to move onto the next thing to be done which is the laundry. The laundry was so impractical, not much room with little storage from some cheap cupboards. The plaster board had all cracked and the floor tiles were a mess cracked and broken. Alot of issues with the laundry so I'm glad we stripped it down and started from scratch.

Below are some progress shots from the strip out to plumbing being done to the new Mahogany Gum bench top I made and installed just like everything else in this laundry. I'm very proud of this bench top. I decided to use Mahogany Gum as it is a very dense and heavy timber and looks great with that light brown colour and figure. 

Some other features of this laundry are the new LED downlights, they consume so little energy compared to Halogens. We also used Earthwool insulation instead of the typical and no recyclable polyester insulation.

To seal the timber bench tops I used a clear coat (satin) Polyurethane which is water based, helps when cleaning up! 3 coats does the job.

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