Saturday 2 March 2013

Clean up Australia Day / CleanFuture

This Sunday the 3rd of March is Clean up Australia day. The aim of this day is to help promote the removal of rubbish from all of our environments. Packaging, bottles and wrapping are constant by product of our societies of today. The waste removal and disposal via individuals or large companies today is still a massive problem. Also we have a huge long term effect that rubbish will play on our natural environment for generations to come. 

Its only one day, of one year, to pick up a bag and volunteer our time to clean up our mess.

Anywhere there is rubbish pick it up and direct it back to a pathway of responsibility. Parks, waterways, ovals, industrial areas, suburbia, cities, lane ways, gutters, roads, highways all have rubbish in them. And the sad fact is that most rubbish will one day find its way into our oceans. 


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