Thursday 7 March 2013

Studio Batch - Melbourne creative studio

I stumbled on this group called "Studio Batch". They are situated in Brunswick, Melbourne.
They specialize in product design and 3d printing objects such as rings to light housings. The group is a fusion of 4 chaps, all with Industrial design backgrounds. On their website they say that they are "Inspired by the limitless possibilities presented by 3D printing". The capabilities of 3D printing are becoming more apparent to designers today as 3D printing becomes more viable through the improvement in the technology and cost.

Ok so who are these 4 chaps? 

Rowan Page

Ilya Fridman

Marinos Drakopoulos

Dean Ovens


What sort of products have they designed?

3D Printed Light

Raspberry Pi - Credit card sized computer

3D Printed ring

Complex and aesthetically beautiful design using a method that will keep on evolving into the future.

Check out their website, a lot more content on there about them and their works!


  1. What a great idea to use 3-D printing technology. I like the Credit card sized computer which looks very unique. Thanks for sharing your exclusive work.

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