Thursday 7 March 2013

The work of Jon Bentovim

Jonathan Bentovim is an Industrial designer who has worked for the likes of Goodwin Hartshorn, London and Charlwood, Melbourne.

Jon's designs are uncomplicated on the surface but take a step closer and these designs reveal themselves convoluted and designed to serve their brief whether its furniture or lighting.

Jon Bentovim

The Encoder ring is a unrivaled way to store information in a personal item such as a ring. The binary code represents numbers and letters. The individual can have their information situated into the rings form and then it is Rapid Prototyped.

Encoder ring - Binary code

Binary code represents information

The George Lane Stool is produced from Laminated Bamboo board. The design is rigid yet light. Brass or Stainless steel guards are attached the the high stools to protect the bamboo.

George Lane - Stool

Stackable - Colourful - Useable

The High Side Table was designed to be sit next to couches and chairs. It is higher in respect to normal side tables to allow the user to reach from the couch or chair, instead of awkwardly moving to reach downwards to the table top.

The High Side Table

To the untrained eye the Rough Diamond Pendant looks like a few Copper pipes connected together to produce a transparent geometric form. But if you were to have a closer view each Copper pipe is connected with a 3D printed joint. The beauty of this design is that the structure is so light and non invasive on its interior environment. Some lights these days are so overwhelming, scrambling for every ounce of attention.

Rough Diamond Pendant

Trio Cluster

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