Monday 10 August 2015

Temple & Webster + Sydney Visit

With Matt Harding and Myself being nominated for the Temple and Webster Emerging Designer award, we were invited to the launch night at China Heights Gallery, Surrey Hills. I went along to represent both of us. 

It was a great night, especially to meet all the designers that were nominated. A big shout out to Daast for winning the award and Nicholas Fuller for winning the peoples choice award.

My girlfriend and I decided to make a long weekend of it and we stayed in Bondi for 5 days. Here's some pictures from our stay in Sydney!

Temple and Webster Emerging Designer Launch Night

Steph's excited about the Powerhouse museum!

UTS - Frank Gehry - Curvacious and fluid like!

Central Park - More buildings should have vertical gardens like this

The array of mirrors directs light down inside

More real plants, makes such a positive impact...

Came across this vertical canvas pouch garden

Can't not take a photo of Sydney Harbour + Opera

It was awesome to check out Sydney again, always finding something new and different there.

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