Monday 28 September 2015

Project Galada - A litter capture barrier for waterways

Over the past year I have been doing my Honours year for my Bachelor of Industrial Design at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. I'm excited to reveal my project after keeping it concealed for quite some time until it was well refined and tested.

This project brings together my love for making, nature and design. 

Over the next 6 weeks my project will come alive with the barrier in construction right now. I'll be busy making, making and more making. Since finishing high school in 2008 I have gained a Diploma in Furniture Design and Technology at RMIT. Also for quite some time I worked along side my belated father (Kevin Turnham) a builder by trade as a casual job, learning so many hands on skills that have made me such a better designer and maker to this day. For the past 2 years I have been doing Horticulture work, my love for being outdoors is endless and I have directed my new knowledge of plants into this project. Its been a big year, here is Project Galada. Stay tuned for more information about the project in the coming weeks.

Project Galada is an adaptable litter capture barrier designed to trap and contain floating litter. The increasing pollution in Melbourne’s water environments is drastically effecting the health and quality of its water. 

Inspired by bike chains the modular pods link together and incorporate cylindrical planter pots that provide a buoyant eco-system for endemic aquatic plants to provide bio-filtration for the Yarra River. Capturing and collecting litter accumulating on water surfaces will help preserve and improve the health, biodiversity and quality of Melbourne’s waterways for the future.

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