Thursday 30 July 2015

The Turnhams and their new Laundry

How do I even describe this project, I think the word persistence would be the one word that sums up this home project.  We started this laundry renovation back in July, 2013. When I say we, that includes my late father (Kevin), Mum (Erica) and Twin brother (Callan). The existing laundry then was a very worn, weathered and old set-up. The tiles continued in from the kitchen, vinyl tiles with repetitive motifs which are only good for dirt catchment. While the washing machine stood on a huge cold slab of concrete with a second-hand red mat cut to fit around it. Basically the laundry had character and lots of it.

Now two years later, along with a lot of stop and starting. I have finished the laundry. This was my last university break and I took it as a personal mission to finish the laundry that we started so long ago. I'm not one to leave things undone. 

I won't list everything that got in the way of the project. I could just say life did. But I might just state a long contributing factor. My father had cancer and battled it for 3years. During this time he had ups and a tonne of downs. Luckily when we started this project, he was in quite a good place. Unfortunately after fighting it for so long, it got the better of him. We stuck by his side through all of it, we basically had a mini-hospital set up at home. So for 2 weeks straight I made it my goal to finish the laundry before my fathers 1 year anniversary and I made it. I was proud. And I was also very grateful to my girlfriend Stephanie Tan, thank you so much for helping me with the grouting, tiling and painting. And I can't forget my brother Callan, cheers for helping with the painting. Mum, I hope this laundry lasts long into your senior years.

This laundry is another tribute to my dad, Kevin Arthur Turnham.

Below are some progress photos of the renovation. Hope you enjoy another Turnham Project.

This stump, I had to wait 6mths to put in because of excess water from a water leak....

Floor Joyce and stump fixed in place ready for yellow-tongue floor

Cement sheeting is nailed down ready for tiling

Tiling the floor area was a rewarding job!

Here are some proper photos of the details of the laundry. My favourite part is the Mahogany Gum bench top that I custom made. 

Mahogany Gum Bench Top

Grouting on the floor looks great Steph!

Washing machine only just fitted in once cement sheet and tiles were put in....

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the imagery and the words. I must now focus my efforts on my final semester of university. I will be posting soon my project and its features, so keep an eye out!


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