Monday 23 June 2014

The adventures of Wally - Comic

For transport design this semester we had to illustrate a comic book. Yep something like this sort of publication usually has a team of 10 illustrators, artists and team directors. 

Some of the key milestones that we had to hit were

  • 8 Greyscale pages
  • 2 Colour pages
  • Pick an existing comic book character and add a twist to the original story.
  • Design the car or transport that the main character uses.
  • Show the exterior, interior, perspective shots throughout the book
  • Emphasis on hand done, majority of the work was hand sketched on paper then scanned in to be outlined again in Photoshop and then colour/grey-scale blocked in.

Massive project! But well worth the time and effort to get it done. There's always more to add to these sort of publications. But I'm happy with my first illustrated comic book.

This comic book is not intended for commercial use or profit. It is purely a single run illustration for a University project. And does not have any connection to the original 'Where's Wally' Comic.

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