Friday 6 June 2014

Telstra 2014 M2M University Challenge - Team Monash

Team Monash over the past 9weeks have been developing a M2M (machine to machine) solution for a particular problem that we have highlighted in the Public transport network of Melbourne. Especially in the train network. 

The product shall document the amount of people via weight sensors on trains and log that data to servers which will relay the information to the consumers (mobile app users). This system of informative data will give the network specific data to improve efficiency and dispersal of trains on particular networks whilst informing the transport user of train details such as arrival time and carriage capacity. 

The issue at hand is that PTV (Public Transport Victoria) spend a substantial amount of money each year to survey the amount of people that use particular train services throughout the train lines of Melbourne. There are many more reasons for this viable system to be implemented. And will be highlighted in video coming soon!

Train model 1:30 scale. Force sensitive resistor squares under body.

Working prototype in progress! Exciting!

The challenge ends on the 13th of June. In a weeks time. We are looking forward to wrapping up this project and hopefully we get into the next round. Only 3 teams out of 18 teams from around Australia are chosen to present in person to a board of judges!

Check out our Facebook page for updates and information on our project.

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