Monday 5 May 2014

Toaster Concept

The Brief

Studio FIVE[5] has just won the pitch to work on a completely new range of
kitchen appliances for Cochina, a leading manufacturer in the market. Rather than just developing a single new appliance, the manufacturer requires the generation of a complete turnkey collection – a large range of appliance types, with variants in different price segments.

 There are quite a few different products that needed to be designed. 

- Toaster
- Sandwich Press
- Kettle
- Blender
- Hand held stick blender
- Food Processor
- Mixer 
- Juicer

The three range types

Köket is a premium range of products, offering the highest levels of quality,
functionality, interface backed up by a commercial appearance and hard-wearing

Cochina is the mid-market offering, giving consumers dependable
performance and useful features at a more accessible price point, with a
more classic approach to colour and form.

FAMILIA is the entry-level range of products, with a very high costperformance
ratio this range brings simple, dependable products to younger
and family-oriented consumers with a timeless, functionalist aesthetic.

What was involved?

My product that I was delegated to design was the Toaster in the Koket range which was the premium range.

The project combined the combined effort of all the students in the class through group work and also solo work as well.

Each colour represented different component types



Koket Premium range of Kitchen Appliances

Each product was designed by a different student. From right to left. Toaster - myself, Rowan Turnham, Food Processor - Cindy Wang, Food mixer - Taylor Zhou, Blender - Lewis Piccoli, Kettle - Tina Dinh, Stick Blender - Nick McIver and lucky last Sandwich Press - Patrick Sohn. 


Kitchen Appliance Ranges - Koket, Cochina and Familia

As there was another two ranges. We decided to compile every product designed in the studio into one Keyshot render scene. And take a happy snap of all the hard work done!

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