Thursday 17 July 2014

Melbourne Fringe Furniture 2014 - Registrations Open

The Melbourne Fringe is in its 29th year running! This just shows how strong the performing arts, music, art and design are in Melbourne. 

This year the Fringe Furniture Exhibitions theme is :

The story of human life is told by the traces of our journey through it.
Every object we create is a time capsule to be rediscovered, a monument with fascinating stories to tell.
From ancient times to the present, the artefacts we design are used by coming generations to understand us. They act as coded messages, showing how we lived, worked and came together, how we created and what we valued.

Design also informs the future, evolving as we do. The movement of ideas from generation to generation inspires new forms and icons. A chair was once a stone or a branch, and through a process of evolution it became something else. What could it be next?

In 2014, Fringe Furniture invites artists and designers to respond to these ideas and create ‘living traces’ of our world, constructing artefacts from the now that acknowledge both our history and the future to come.

Where : Sacred Heart Chapel and surrounds at the Abbotsford Convent

When : 17 September and run until 5 October 2014

Calls for entry close 26 June – 21 July 2014.


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