Tuesday 23 July 2013

National Tree Day - Australia 2013

National Tree Day is next Sunday on the 28th of July and this gives us and our communities a chance to give back to the land we live on. Trees are biological filters which remove harmful carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, hydrogen fluorides and chlorofluorocarbons from the atmosphere as well as consuming the particulates created from combustion engines.
Although trees still need clean air to properly grow. But all trees have a limit of how much pollutants they can deal with, most of the time the trees lifespan is drastically decreased in large polluted cities.

Melbourne is one of Australia's largest cities and there are so many positives to be living near such a great city. But it also comes with some negatives such as pollution. During the Winter months I can see the smog that builds up over the city skyline, it is absolutely disgusting to know all of us contribute to this ever increasing problem.  

So if you live in the area of Camberwell, Burwood, Glen Iris, Surrey hills in Melbourne and your keen to help out with this group then just follow the link and register.

Tools are provided, but just ring the organizer to make sure there is enough. Also there is going to be a BBQ!! 

RSVP to: Robert Brierley Phone: 0400077439


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