Tuesday 9 July 2013

Amass Design Website Launch 2013

SquareSpace made setting up a website as easy as making a pizza!

Over the past couple of years I had been constantly thinking of setting up a real website which can show my work in a fresh and easy to navigate design. But as you know life throws many challenges and events at you and things like this get pushed to the side.

Since I am on university holidays, I endeavored to find a way to construct my own website. I first looked at Adobe Dreamweaver where I found there had to be a lot of time allocated to the coding and design. And since I have been working full time for all of the holidays  that option went out the window.

So I considered website platforms. Which either offer free or paid services for website templates, domains etc. I looked at Webs and Wix which offer quite good free services but I was skeptical of what rights I had of my work and their hosting services. So I opted for a company called SquareSpace. They just stood out for me with their very welcoming website which even shows every employee and what they do. Plus their online customer service is very efficient and helpful! 

They offer 3 plans :

Standard - $8 per month

Unlimited - $16 per month

Business - $24 per month

Each plan obviously as the price goes up includes more storage and features.

So after a 2-3days of playing around uploading photos, logos, text, information. The website went up with no problems. I made a custom domain name and it took 2days for the website to propagate and fully become listed on Google.

My new website is

Check out SquareSpace 

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