Tuesday 23 July 2013

Amass Workshop - Progress Update 4 - Finished!

Finally, the workshop has been completed. This last progress post will just show the last few things that we had to do to get it all done. 

First off a proper bench had to be made and installed into the width of the workshop up against the wall. This bench is also quite high, 900mm or so off the ground. This will add years to my back. 

Got some Cypress from Bunnings which suited the posts for bench. It was quite green so machining it up on the Joiner/Thicknesser was quite smooth and easy.  

Cut some slots to determine the halving joint for the cross beams that will run the length of the work bench. Then cleaned up the joint with the chisel.

Two posts to take the weight of the bench along with the wall supports.

No glue used, just a nice tight fit and screwed together.

 Then fitted in some particle board shelves and the top cross beams. After that I got my hands on some 38mm particle board desk tops which were perfect for this bench from a job in the city. They would have otherwise ended up in the tip with everything else. 

Now here is the pictures of the finished job. Added some MDF doors as I realized that the storage shelves were being covered in saw dust.

Added some shelves on the brick wall. These shelves hold all the consumables and tools that I need quick access to when in the workshop.

 Here is the first machine to bless the workshop. It is a JET JPT-310 combination Joiner/Thicknesser. This beast is a beauty, especially with the helical head cutters which have tungsten carbide blades instead of the typical High Strength Steel straight blades.

I hooked it up to a 2HP Dust extractor. Something that can handle it. The dust bags fill up very quickly. And I have not thrown out any of the shavings as I have a plan for them.

I want to create a closed loop system. And channel the waste back into a neat product.

Mahogany Gum up in the truss work, Storage

This is my favourite part of the workshop, Gable doors for storage

Open these bad boys during summer and the temperature drops so much!

Got a sweet view of the storage on the truss work.

So after the summer of 2012 / 2013 and until only recently. The workshop and everything needed has been made. I'll get a picture of the front of the workshop and upload it on this post later. This is the last post of the workshop I hope you are inspired. Peace out.

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