Sunday 5 May 2013

Threaded Out Duo

Threaded out Duo

Over 2 years ago I started experimenting with threads. I designed the original chair which used timber and Aluminium threads effectively. Although the chair was over complicated with many high tolerances but it was a really good experience in making a chair. The chair design was put to the side. Next I decided that this thread and plate combination should be applied to a table, Threaded Out Table was created and featured at "Workshopped 2012" and "Fringe Furniture 2012". Now after much development and design, Threaded Out Chair has just been completed. And I am very overwhelmed with the response so far! Both chair and table are on show at "Object Future" at Brunswick Street Gallery.

Threaded Out Duo

Pushed by the idea that furniture has to be flexible and versatile in its environment, the Threaded Out Chair and Table are based on the function of quick assembly and dis-assembly. The notion behind this collection is that the furniture is sturdy and strong like traditional constructed furniture where components are passively locked in place, yet still have the ability to be disassembled. Most importantly, the designs stay true to their pure function and to the materials they are made from.

Threaded Out Chair

Disassembled - All components laid out on floor

Threaded Out Table

Disassembled - All components laid out on floor

No plastic is used in the construction of this chair and table. All materials can be recycled. Both the aluminium and timber will not take millions of years to break down like crude oil derived plastics. All by-products of production are apart of a closed loop system, and eventually become another useful product.

This has been a production by myself Rowan Turnham, 2013.

Made In Australia

Big shout out to Dean Haeusler for photography!

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