Friday 10 May 2013

The work of Object Future 2013

An exhibition that fuses the design practices all in one gallery. Taking the gallery to another realm, this exhibition is here to show Melbourne what is important in design. The open night was a great success with plenty of people showing up to celebrate the works of all of us exhibitors. Simone Leamon opened the exhibit and also produced a wonderful speech!

Edward Linacre - Cypress

Edward Linacre - The Nest

Ashley Allen - Dollop Light

Elena Schaedel - MEM font

Elena Schaedel

Duncan Meerding - Spirals 180 pendant light

There's my Table and Chair! - Threaded Out Duo

Thomas Lentini's work to Left and Duncan Meerding to Right

Pete Saunders - Overcoat

Ashley Allen - Lionheart Stool

Duncan Meerding - Cracked Log Lamps

Georgie Cummings - BagBag

Ashley Allen - Sticks and Stones

Melissa Peppers


  1. Here I thought you might like that!


  2. Cherie! I just looked at it! Man that does look quite creepy, It does make you feel like your amongst the trees of the forest