Sunday 14 April 2013

Tractors - Western Australia

So over Easter break I went over to Western Australia to see my family. During this time we went down south west and Checked out my relatives tractor collection. 

It was amazing to see tractors ranging from the 1920's - 1950's. All types and makes. Some from England, America and Australia. Farmall, John Deer, Chamberlin, Fordson and Supa Dexta. All the components and parts are true, as they are not hidden by unnecessary cosmetic cladding. What you see is what you get, no gimmicks, true blue. Just to even start some of these tractors takes some real muscle to turn the flywheels. 

The front of this tractor is for crop rows

John Deer, didn't have a muffler, she made alot of noise.....

All the chaps having a look

John Deer fresh of the ship from America

Here is an adjustable wheel axle, undo the bolts and slide wheels along keyway

John Deer, In perfect condition.

Key way for the wheels to slide along axle.

Coil spring for seat.

What a beauty

Looking a little worse for wear

Chamberlin, Australian made in the late 1930's

Now I want one of these track tractors

This tractor is actually offset from centre so the driver could see the crop.

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