Thursday 18 April 2013

Fringe Furniture 2013 theme announced!

The theme for the Fringe Furniture 2013 exhibition has been released, it is apart of the Melbourne Fringe Festival. The exhibit plays host to the whole festival. I've seen some really diverse designs over the past few years that push the boundaries of the 'furniture ideal' that is considered the benchmark in society today. Just to see design evolve and progress organically via the creative input of individuals and groups is amazing, I think this years exhibit will thrive and better last years!

Fringe Furniture 2013: Make It True

 In 2013, Fringe Furniture will showcase the realisation of truth through design.
Great design makes true a form, a shape or function that already exists somehow; it reveals a truth we aren’t aware of yet.

Discovering great design is a revelatory experience, but it’s also a moment of recognition. It’s the sensation you get when the unfamiliar becomes something you’ve always known – call it déjà true. Great design fills the space between the real and the imagined in a way that makes it feel timeless.

This year’s Fringe Furniture designers will bring these half-glimpsed truths into sharp focus and make them real.

Delivered in partnership with the Abbotsford Convent, Fringe Furniture will open on 18 September and run Wed – Sun, 11am – 5pm until 6 October.Registrations for the event will be open 28 June – 26 July.

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