Wednesday 10 April 2013

Milk Paint

So for university my classmate and I have to design a laser cut light. We are using 3mm Hoop Pine Ply. We wanted to put some colour into the light panels and discs that make up the design as Hoop Pine can get a bit plain in figure. 

'The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company Inc'. In Groton, Massachusetts sells this paint which is purely biodegradable, non-toxic and odor free when dry. The milk paint comes in a powder, many different colours are available. To apply you use either a roller or brush with warm water, colours can be mixed to produce a wide variety of shades. An absolute winner in my books for an alternative to the nasty commercial acrylic and solvent based paints. 

"As in originally produced home-made milk paint, we use milk protein, lime, clay, and earth pigments such as ochre, umber, iron oxide, lampblack, etc. The lime is alkaline but becomes totally inert when mixed with the slightly acid milk. We use no lead, no chemical preservatives, no fungicides. Milk paint contains no hydrocarbons or any other petroleum derivatives."

Clean up is done with soap water. The coat is dry to touch in 30mins! Wait 2hours to recoat. Also if the milk paint coat is not sealed 'water spotting' can occur. Which can leave blobs that don't look nice at all. So either use a lacquer over the top or use 'Clear coat' which the 'The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company Inc' actually produce, it is a non-toxic, water borne clear satin acrylic. But as I said before if the piece of furniture is to be in high traffic areas with grease and dirt then a oil or solvent lacquer would be the ideal seal over it.

I got this milk paint from Glen Rundell. He is the only importer of Milk paint I know in Australia. He is an amazing furniture maker and teacher.

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