Wednesday 2 January 2013

Research - Sheet Metal Folding & Casting

So for Materials and Manufacturing class at University we were given an assignment brief to research a particular production method. We had to write out general info about the method along with pros and cons. Also display through illustrations and pictures, clearly what we learnt onto a A3 board. 

I looked into all the different dies that you can get for these press brakes. There are so many different profiles out there! The press brake inset is worth about 30k, and that is a cheap Chinese one. This one that is in my mates workshop!

We also had to along with researching a production method, experience the casting method. A demonstration was done at University. But the casting method was up to us. I chose to make my die/pattern out of Pine. Next I made a MDF box to house the pattern and the Silicone. Overall is was a good experience!

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