Friday 11 January 2013

Amass - Workshop

So to start the year 2013 off  I have been working on building a workshop on the side of the garage. Last year the old shed (50-60years old) reached its expiry date, well it reached it along time ago actually. But we finally decided to knock it down. It was interesting to see what it was made from. All the weatherboards, rafters, studs were Oregon. Most of it was either rotten, but I did manage to salvage some worth while boards that can be machined up.

Anyways I just wanted to post some progress pictures of the project that should keep me busy until university starts back in March. Most of the work has been a combined effort of the whole family. But most of it has been done by myself and my Father (Don't worry he's a qualified builder).

My brother giving a helping hand

It is amazing what we had in that small shed!

I drafted up the plans for the workshop on Autocad

Bit of exercise digging all those holes!

I will post more pictures as soon as more progress is made! The final product will house some machinery to allow me to produce my furniture and also for uni projects in the future. Some call it "Man Cave".

Peace out

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