Monday 24 December 2012

Christmas Cards 2012

So every year myself and my mum design and make our own cards for close friends and family. We usually use a combination of digital print, fabric, cardboard. I guess it all depends on what the card design is!

First off we drew a rough sketch on paper of the front illustration for the card. Then I scanned it in and traced over it in Illustrator until it matched what we wanted.

Then it was a process of trial and error until we felt that all the other illustrations suited the card theme which was a Poinsettia plant. 

We then printed the card on A4 and then stuck on fabric to give the whole card depth and tactility. We also added in glitter in the middle of front Poinsettia illustration. Then at last the finishing touch of my mums beautiful hand writing for the recipient inside and on the back.

InDesign layout with Illustrations on each page

Here is mum working on the cards


Not hard to cover the table!

They are looking fine!

Front of the card

Rear of card

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