Wednesday 26 September 2012

Threaded Out Table

Threaded Out Table

‘Threaded Out Table’ was inspired by the need for furniture that is simple and easy to transport from one place to the next. Our cities are becoming never-ending jungles. Urban environments are getting tighter and more cluttered, which in turn, affects how certain products are designed/constructed. Furniture needs to follow in this direction by being portable, functional and easy to assemble.
Every day I see threads in products that are an essential part of the overall interaction and assembly, which allow quick and efficient interaction of opposing parts. Most of the threads seen throughout my observation were plastic or metal ones. But I wanted to combine aluminium and timber threads. Experimentation had to be done with different types of timbers to find the density that suited both the type of thread and the opposing female aluminium thread.   
The idea was that the table could be sturdy and strong like a traditional fixed table yet still have the ability to be disassembled. Having joints that are highly visible and show the person how parts interact, was a priority in the design.

How it works
The table has threads turned into Aluminium tubes and the timber legs have the opposing thread which matches. The thread is wide and relatively deep as well, to allow for the leg to be placed into the threaded Aluminium tube with quick location and rotation along the thread.
The Aluminium tube components have the underneath plate welded and are fixed to the table via opposing plates on the top of the table that pull each other together with connector bolts to allow a tight connection. By implementing threads to the legs of the table and also in the Aluminium tube underneath the table, each component can be rotated into place.

Sustainable principles
The only glue that is used is the minimal amount used to glue the table top together. The idea was to design a table that had minimal parts and this in turn means less materials and less manufacturing. Breaking the idea down to its basics and allowing the main components to become a feature rather than being hidden behind other parts also allowed the design to be as simple as possible to construct and produce. 

American Rock Maple and Malaysian Kauri are used for table top and legs which is sourced from Mathews Timber they have Chain of Custody Accreditation.  All the Aluminium used in the production of this table was offcuts from the metal workshop.

No lacquers are used in the finish of the timber components. Bees wax and Danish Oil are the finishes applied which are quick and easy sealers for the timber. 

Photography : Dean Haeusler

Photography : Dean Haeusler

Photography : Dean Haeusler

Check out Fringe Furniture 2012 which is apart of "Melbourne Fringe Festival 2012". Threaded out Table will be amongst some exceptionally crafted pieces at the Industrial School, Abbotsford Convent, 1 St Heliers Street.  

Dates: 26th Sept - 14th Oct

Peace out

 This design was a production from myself Rowan Turnham, 2012.

Big shout out to Dean Haeusler for the photography! He happily did the photoshoot at 8am at Uni. Also to Mick Dierer for letting me use his workshop, cheers buddy!

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