Saturday 29 September 2012

Irregular Forms - Dale Hardiman

This is Dale Hardiman's first solo exhibition showing the particular relationship we have with materials. The series of work is titled "White Stick". Dale has been experimenting and exploring materials from the word go and this is no exception. You will see in these pictures that he has stripped these furniture pieces too their raw form, well actually he has unwrapped the idealistic or conceived idea that we have of furniture today.

What is this about - 'White Stick' is a culmination of both natural and artificial materials, creating a unique contrast between high tech and low tech materials in each poised design. Each piece is inimitable and organic in shape due to the inconsistent shape of the wood, and then partially covered in an artificial biodegradable material to allow the creation of structures."

How & when does he make  - Two days prior to the opening on the 27th of September, Hardiman will be constructing the pieces within the gallery, filming the process, which will be revealed on the night of the opening.

When - 24 - 30 September, 10am - 5pm

Where - Dudley House ,  60 View Street , Bendigo.

Dale in the process

The factory line

No joints are hidden

bare all, see all

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