Tuesday 18 September 2012

Serving boards

Served up

So I had a client that wanted some Solid Jarrah serving boards to match his dining table. I got the wood from Matthews Timber in Rooks road, Vermont, Melbourne. The figure in this wood is deep and dark, love it! I suggested that a affordance be put in (hole) down the end to assist in picking them up as they are quite heavy. But they were happy without it. I put a radius over all edges which allowed the user to pick it up with ease. Overall great little project. Check out the process pics!

Check it, got some new letter punches

Here gluing up the Jarrah Boards, I how I wish I had a Festool Domino

Glue up for some nice thick handles!

Used "Ubeaut Foodsafe oil" -  Perfect for chopping boards. (Mineral based)

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