Monday 16 March 2015

Refreshed and ready for 2015

So after finishing university for the year (2014). It was time to take a much needed break. It was a massive year for projects, renovations, furniture and lighting. I after a couple weeks in Melbourne went to Perth, Western Australia. With my family for Christmas for 2weeks. This was a great time to see family and just relax. 

After that I had a huge trip planned to go to South America for 2months. This was my escape, my time to just not worry about the little things in life and explore once again a continent that I have fell in love with over the past 4years. The vast contrast between culture, people, language and landscapes drew me back again. This time I was to travel with my girlfriend through Peru, Equador and Colombia. Also had a stop in Los Angeles on the way home for 3days which was great as well.

Cotopaxi, Equador

Inca Ruin, Day 3 of trek to Machu Picchu

This year 2015 is a big one.

I will be studying for the last year. Honours year for my Bachelor of Industrial Design at Monash University. The whole year will based on one project. The first semester is research and design based. And the second semester is based on bringing everything together whilst making a functional or aesthetic model. 

My design partner Matthew Harding and I will also be going to Salone Del Mobile Milan 2015 to exhibit with Melbourne Movement. We will be showing Exo series along with other Australian designers. 

'Melbourne Movement is a talented mix of young Australian designers, determined to build an international reputation for cutting edge Australian design. Melbourne Movement was founded in 1999 by Kjell Grant, an accomplished designer an professor of design at RMIT University.'  -

The crew going over is :

Adam Lynch
Dale Hardiman
Hugh Altschwager 
Max Harper
Matthew Harding
Mitch Rose 

Rowan Turnham

So its time to get back into it. My last year at university. This will be my 7th year of study after finishing high school all the way back in 2008. 


 Peace out.

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