Saturday 8 November 2014

ID3 Show 2014 - Monash University

The semester long project for all of us finished on Thursday and we got to show off all the hard work we had done. There was 5 main design briefs to choose from at the start of the semester. The briefs were all very different and offered exciting and challenging problems to solve!

The 5 briefs were as follows:

Client: MiniFAB

Challenge: Design the future of health and
wellness delivery.

Client: Monash Sustainability Institute &
Institute of Transport Studies

Challenge: Design the future of sustainable
urban mobility.

Client: Monash Entrepreneurs Club

Challenge: Work with roboticists and business
entrepreneurs to develop the future
of education interaction.

Client: MADA’s urban futures consortium.

Challenge: Design the future of transport
for Melbourne’s Rowville railway line.

Client: Orora

Challenge: Design the future of food and
beverage enjoyment.

As you can see, such a wide scope of design fields we had to choose from! Personally I was with Minifab to design the future of healthcare either in the home or surgery. We got some photos of students with their products. Unfortunately not everyone in front of their masterpiece! But you can definitely see the standard of work from these guys below!

Taylor Zhou - Alertle

Lewis Piccoli - Don't bin it, refill it

Sarah Roberts -The Chocolate Box

Ben Peng - Mobilitea

Tom Callaghan - Portable Pathology Lab

Also there was awards! Yes we love awards don't we? Always good to hand out some 'gold stickers' to those who stepped up their game! Good on everyone who received recognition for their hard work. Monash represent!

From the left - Vince Moug (ID3 Teacher), Eric Yuen, Nathan Ide , Sarah Roberts, Katie Hou, Luke Valenza & Robbie Napper (ID3 Teacher)

These guys won awards for best work in their respective teams. Well done guys! And the next award was the top dog award, or should I say top penguin award? (Inside joke....) Ben Peng! Top of the class!

Ben Peng - Top Student ID3!

Any whom, it has been a long semester. Time to reboot before a big honors year next year. I'll be hiking and backpacking through South America, no biggie. 

Peace out for now.

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