Tuesday 10 December 2013

Safety Glasses Design - Upcycling

This project has been coined ‘Redesign’ – designing products from reused materials in ways that they can also be later reused – which is basically a strategy for incorporating upcycling into industrial design processes. The project explores a world of modular, reusable, adaptable and long-life products to replace or extend the functions of today’s discrete terminal products.

The safety glasses were made from parts and materials from printers that were destined for the recycling plant. By up-cycling the parts, the use of virgin materials is avoided and a closed loop circulation is continued.

Aim: To do away with having separate safety glasses and ear muffs. As having to juggle both in the workplace is a awkward and uncomfortable.

Expected outcomes: To create a protective product that can be easily used by the user and protects both eyes and ears.

Safety-glasses - Made from Up-cycled Printer parts

They fit onto the ear muff head band via the loop hooks

Hook the first loop onto one side

And hook the final loop to the other side, time to work!

This was designed and made by myself Rowan Turnham



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