Thursday 5 December 2013

Fringe Furniture of 2013

So this is becoming a annual occurrence in that I try my best to get good pictures of all the pieces that are on show at the exhibition.  

I am Still in the process of putting the Artist + Designers names to the products. So if you notice that your piece isn't up or I have made a spelling mistake please let me know.

I just want to state that these pictures I took are to promote Australian Design. I believe that design and manufacturing have a lot to offer. With the amount of creativity being released into the public scene its overwhelming to try and capture each piece!

This years Fringe Furniture featured nearly 100 pieces of furniture, lighting and objects!

FINN - Christopher Herman

Resonance - Ky Snyder

Play Cube - Greg Lawson

Cast Metropolis - Sam Johnston

Ooti Shelving Unit - Malcom Thomas

The Cork Connection Stool -  Asher Abergel

Crated - Tim Knott

PH-05 - Dimitrios Tsiokaras

Toku Bed - Sean Kellet

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Limbo Table - Guy Turnbull

Escalating - Anthony Trott

Spindet - Nick Sadowsky

Pallet to Pallet - Marcus O'Reilly

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Leaf Skeleton - Chris Vassallo

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Out of the Boxy - Ka Ho (Joe) Li

Vault Coffee - Sam Johnston

Curly Wurly - Emma Mitchell

Forest -  Emma Mitchell

Bucket - Emma Mitchell

James Hargraves

Tri-ble - Dusko Lapcevic

Rock-a-saurus - Adam Giannikos

The Festering - Amanda Gibson

Jack Light - Donna Kirkwood

Eggos - Gavin Bufton

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Collate - James Claridge

Collate - James Claridge

Stretch Desk - Ashley Allen

Hyperbolic Chair - Adam Markowitz

Temari - Jess Lenton

Threaded Out Chair - Rowan Turnham

Side Table - Adam Markowitz

Equivocal Equilateral - Toby Horrocks

 This is not a Jimmy Possum chair - Michael Epworth

Funnel Draw - Anna Miller-Yeaman

Flashlight Pendant - Hugh Altschwager

Drape OC - Sam Johnston

ShimB & ShimA framed - Karl Baxter

Fledgling - Alex Sanson

Möbius Chair - Adam Markowitz

Refractable - Dion Baines

The Teepee Kids - Tom Gaunt

Cube Stool/Table - Patrick McEldowney

The Czech Hedgehog - Nico Evans

Candy Bench - Celine Huggins

Infinity - Hayden Kinghorn

Coat Hanger - Justin Mosedale

Kav pendant light Italic & Bold - Asher Abergel

Pull Legs - Rory Davenport

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Butterfly'd - Anthony Trott

Pulp Floor Lamp - Craig Frankland

Arbol Shelf - Alex Brown

Rock On - Adam Brislin

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Light Sculptures - Claire Tracey

Isosceles - Peter Schembri

T-Stool - Lisa Oten

The Otway Buoy Pendant - Tom Gaunt

TROiKA - Alex O'Connell

"Empire Skin" Platform Table - Michael Brierly

Un-Hinged Stool - Nick Sadowsky

Shadow Chair - Dusko Lapcevic

Dollop Light - Andre Hnatojko

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Charpill Candela - Alexandra Arias

I feel like I'm made of gold and my brain is a pot of honey - Roslyn Campbell

Zen - Sean Tan

The Two Chairs - Suzanne Nguyen

Eagle - Hayden Kinghorn

(S)Poked - Damian Cuffe

Texture II (2013) - Kenton Rogers

Hertzian Chair - Luke Batten

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S-light light - Alex Lesniowski

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Pneumatophore 2 - Guy Drew Parker

A Trio of Poufs - Gaye Naismith

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Cracked Log Lamp - Duncan Meerding

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Cráneo - Kevin Nguyen

Realax Range Bench - Tim Collins

Light Symphony - Eugene Lachowicz

J.A.F.A. - Monique Stevens

J.A.F.A. - Monique Stevens

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