Saturday 17 August 2013

Pull Legs - Rory Davenport

Pull legs is a design which gives proper versatility to platform in space. Which is basically the concept of the humble table. Instead of designing a table that was totally static with no ability to be flexible with its usage in its intended environment, Pull legs takes the instilled notion that all table tops are flat, which they are. God help us if this changes.

Any board whether that be Plywood, Solid timber or even say a Aluminium sheet can be placed in between the leg openings and located into place.  Even if it wasn't intended it could work...

I really think the tension rope from corner to corner is a good addition for structural rigidity. The natural cotton cord gives a subtle texture difference between the plywood and the mild steel rod which works well.


24mm Birch plywood tops.
Powder coated 12mm Mild steel round bar
2mm waxed cotton cord wound (blue)


Manually bent with 2 bar benders and fitted to templates in several sections, each loop is 4 sections then butted together and welded, then each loop is joined to its partner.  joints are linished smooth and sandblasted. All mild steel rod sections are powder coated and 2mm cotton cord is wrapped tightly around the bar and glued into the bar.  

Rory said that in future production, the mild steel rod sections will be CNC bent. And also looking into replacing the cotton cord with a EDPM rubber to give the ends of the legs grip on the floor. 

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