Friday 13 April 2012

Threaded out Table - Lathe work

Today after buying new lathe tools and the timber for the project. The lathe was pulled out from its hiding space and put to good use.

For this project I'm using American Rock Maple. A dense timber ( its name speaks for itself) and produces beautiful figure when turned on the lathe as well. 

I went to a mates place earlier in the week to machine the timber and rip it ready for the lathe. Then centered each end of timber then knocked a small hole with the hole punch, following with a 5mm hole to allow the headstock and tailstock of lathe to grip on.

They are pretty long bits of timber......750mm!

1hour to turn it!

4 legs to turn, then off to get the threads CNC out.

Using Rough Gauge Tool (25mm)

All 4 legs ready for threads. Plus one extra for show piece.

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