Thursday 12 April 2012

[in] Flux - Off the Kerb Gallery

When: Open Thursday - Sunday from the 20th April - 11 May.

Open night, 20th April, 6 - 9pm.

Where: 66b Johnston Street, Collingwood, 3066.

Why: "WWII forced people to re-evaluate their lifestyles, and make do with what they had. 
Yet, in today’s consumerist society, we are in the habit of buying, even if it’s not ‘broke.’ 
Our need for new has taken over our way of life, even  global financial crisis. 
This has not only taken a toll on ourhip pocket but has also affected our environment 
with landfill sites filling to capacity and natural environments being lost."

"Keeping these thoughts in mind, 
Off the Kerb has asked artists to propose a piece of work concentrating on the idea of ‘making new from old.’ "


Aaron Billings

Dale Hardiman

Luke Boslem
Stephen Baker
Tricia Page
Ollie Lucas
Michael Corolan
Alicia Centofanti
Cara Gallina
Amy Bugeja
Aliey Ball
Rebecca Monaghan

Dales Kids Straw Stool, accompanied by vegie seeds! Grow them!

The Gallery last night

The brief of the exhibition has been sourced from "Off the Kerbs Gallery" Facebook page for this event -



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