Sunday 31 July 2011

Threaded Out

Collaboration between Rowan Turnham & Dean Haeusler

Aluminium pipes connect each timber component

Here's the final prototype.

Design Brief

The chair will be made out of timber. There will be no glue used in the construction of the chair. The chair will be a flat pack product and be easily assembled by the customer. The joints that connect each component will be exposed and will be easy to access. It will have main legs which then connect to the back component.  Allan key assembly is the type of fixing that will hold all the components together. 

Original Idea

(Copic/hand sketch)

- This sketch shows the origins of the concept
- Too many joints
- Complicated construction methods
- Stripped down to the core essentials
- Went back to basics
- Came up with concept following after this

Final Concept renderings

(Metal pipe joints connect to timber components)
(Simple 3 way metal pipe joint holds all timber components)

Scale model

(1:6 scale model)

- Scale model is a fully knock down version of the final concept.
- The idea was to make the model so it could be disassembled easily.

- This would help with further design issues and give me an insight into possible hurdles that I would pass later on in making the real deal.


- Rock Maple
- Aluminium round tube
- Aluminium round bar
- Steel cable
- Stainless steel
- Cork

This design was a production from myself, Rowan Turnham, 2011. Also would like to thank Dean Heausler for help in the initial design conceptualization work. And Chris from Carr engineering for the metal work.

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