Thursday 28 July 2011

Maple Light

 Sculptural lighting


(This was my inspiration, Japanese Maple seed)

( errr... these 3 seeds are rare)

At my home we have a Japanese Maple tree right out the back. When the tree produces these wonderful seeds I can't help myself and pull some off and play with them. You might also know them as "Helicopter Seeds" as they fall from the tree they spin towards the ground.

So as I was stuck for inspiration for my next project I decided why not use these!

They then formed the basis for the main shape of each panel in the light I designed.

(Luminous Film in the dark, is quite strong)

(Luminous film is inlayed into Blackwood)

(Maple Light - 2010)


- Luminous Film
- Concrete
- Interlock Arm - Chrome
- Blackwood
- Inverter
- Transformer

Luminous Film

(Images courtesy of luminous film)

The Luminous Film I used was from

It basically has 3 layers - Conducter layer, Phosphor layer & Electrode layer. When the film is connected to electricity via the required inverter and transformer. The current helps the layers create Photons which in return create light.

Best lighting tech I have used ever!

- Doesn't get hot
- Thin and flexible
- Custom shapes can be cut up, but have to be sealed!

                            This design was a production from myself Rowan Turnham, 2011.

Shout outs

- Michael Cooper for helping with the electricals!
- Luminous film

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