Friday 22 January 2016

DIA - Graduate of the Year Award Nomination (GOTYA)

Firstly happy new year to everyone!

I'm officially a graduate now. Never thought I would say that. But hey I'm going with it. I was notified not long ago that I have been nominated for graduate of the year in my category Industrial Design for Victoria/Tasmania. The judging process is quite lengthy and myself and the other nominees won't find out until mid to late March. But I'll keep you posted until then. 

Follow the below link to see last years winners and runners up graduates.

Here's some pictures of Project Galada from the MADA Grad show. (Photos credit - Zan Wimberley)

Project Galada Full Barrier - MADA Grad Show 2015

Link close up - Accoya timber rings and recycled HDPE components

Endemic aquatic plants grow inside the barrier providing biofiltration for the Yarra River


  1. Congratulations on your graduation, on your excellent project and another fantastic use of Accoya wood. Best wishes to you. Eddie Pratt