Thursday 5 November 2015

Project Galada - Update

So not long to go now. One week and a half to go until everything is due. 

I've been busy preparing for the exhibition along with all the standard folio requirements, presentation content and general organisation of everything else. Actually I don't think I can call it a folio anymore. This time round its called a Critical Justification and entails everything that has been done to date. I'm immensely proud of it, it was sent off to printing last week and I should get it it by the end of this week. Its a large book, actually the largest I've ever done - 320 pages. 

The weekend of the 14th - 15th Novemeber is the Bump-In for the exhibition and also Monday. So I'm aiming to have everything done before then.  

 The opening night for the MADA Grad show is:

When: 19th November
Time: Open from 6pm
Where: Building G, Caulfield Campus - Monash University 

I'll post proper details in the coming week or so for the exhibition.

Until then here are some progress shots of exhibition prep and construction. Also imagery from the Yarra River installation will be put up soon!

Barrier Props getting their first coat of paint

Machining slot in circular base for the litter gate

Litter gate water flow paddle arm

Just put the chrome dome nuts onto the links!


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